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What is Colorcast?

Explore an authentic design accompanied by a beautiful, minimal and relaxing environment. The synthesis of this educational puzzler was originated from: jenga, jigsaw, enigma, brainjogging, riddle, teaser and other logic games. Just as COLORCAST, their capacities to train your brain are self-evident and they all have in common one thing: Easy to learn, yet hard to master! Simple to play, yet super addictive!. Are you ready to solve these creative puzzles?

The goal of COLORCAST lies in unlocking all the gates. To this end, it is essential to learn using the elements, beginning by the smart boxes which could have color and have different inside/outside configuration. This allows you to receive/send a color package, and may thus strategically shift the color from one box to another to trigger an internal color flood or try to unlock a gate. Gradually, there are reflections through slash mirrorsrail yards or lateral beams which blocked the route, together with loopings.... Discover them all!

Accept the mind challenge to kill boredom and become a clever brainiac in the abstract and, at the same time, elegant, immersive and mind-blowing universe of COLORCAST. Feel the emotions and push your brain training while you relax in its soothing atmosphere and you boost your spatial ability trying to find the smart solution.